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The Big Star Rollover

The Big Star Rollover device rotates panels 180 degrees to be sent to the next stage of    the manufacturer's process.
The rollover has 12 strands each with 8 arms mounted 45 degrees apart. The arms of the   rollover are aligned with the infeed 796 Line Shaft conveyor so the panels can be staged to be rolled over. Cutouts were placed in the conveyor so that the 12 strands can pass            through and rotate 45 degrees for the next incoming panel.
Once the panel reaches the other side it is now ready to be sent out. The arms of the roll- over are aligned with the discharge line shaft conveyor and the panels exit the rollover.
To protect the finish all the rollers have a poly urethane covering and the arms and             channels have UHMW wearstrip attached to them.
Contact your authorized Roach Distributor to discuss an application you might have for a    Rollover device in your facility. 507790